Fake Jews Killed America
Fake Jews Killed America
Page 2-4 If you are anti-Semitic STOP reading now
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Page 2-4 If you are anti-Semitic STOP reading now



         Because it is not anti-Semitic. Because it is anti-all people who pretend to be that which they are not in order to steal money and avoid punishment. 

          In this website, fake Jews are singled out. Not because they are Jewish. No. It’s because they are not Jewish. It’s because they only pretend to be Jewish. It’s because they relentlessly/fraudulently promote their DNA (race) as being their persecuted Jewish religion and vice versa. It’s because they manipulate this blatant ruse to intimidate their adversaries. Calling them anti-Semitic. It’s because they steal more wealth than any other identifiable population on earth. Except the pre-eminently ruthless Roman Catholic Vatican.

          Think about it. In the old days (during a thousand years-plus of Crusades, Spanish Inquisitions, Conquistadors, etc.) the unholy Roman Catholic Vatican brainwashed its “soldiers of Christ” to murder millions of “infidels” ie., millions of Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, etc…, and steal their money. Today, true to form, that same unholy Roman organization “educates” its followers to “compete” for money ie., immorally/if not illegally steal it. Ostensibly for Christ. But, the fake Jews are far less complicated. Direct. No brainwashing. No “educating.” No mass murders. No God pretext. Nothing but money. For the fake Jews simply do the money stealing themselves and, by association, blame it on the real Jews. The vast majority of real Jews who do not delude themselves and intimidate non-Jews by promoting their DNA (race), culture, and religion as synonyms. The real Jews who do not go beyond the limits of “normal” human acquisitiveness.  The real Jews who do not steal tens of trillions of dollars. The real Jews who do not destroy their adoptive country – the U.S.A., for abnormal personal financial gain.

          Yes. The fake Jews are quite clever. In a word…Machiavellian. For, in spite of being closet atheists (as evidenced by their “Bernie Madoff and Sam Israel III behaviors”), the fake Jews relentlessly promote their claimed Judaic religion, race and cultural inheritances as an inseparable amalgamation. And by so doing, they deflect all attacks against their felony wrongdoings as being anti-Semitic, anti-American, and/or anti-social. And by so doing they knowingly incite marginal people to vent their insane frustrations and rage by shooting up the Washington Holocaust Museum. By carrying out other distractive hate crimes against real Jews. This ceaseless legerdemain is utterly brilliant and horrific.

          To recap: The Godless fake Jews steal. And, by association, blame it on the real Jews whom they hide amongst and pretend to be. Hence, the clueless real Jews take the hit. And trust that God will save them. Because they did nothing wrong. Because they have no logical explanation as to why the world hates them so much. Shalom. 

          Keeping the preceding thoughts in mind, continue reading. But be prepared to be disillusioned by the footnotes on pages 26, 27 and 28. Proofs, without a doubt, that the stunning revelations contained in this website are absolutely true.