Fake Jews Killed America
Fake Jews Killed America
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Page 29-34 About the Author/Quick Facts


           I am uniquely qualified to write a street-smart book about the economic collapse of the United States of America. Not only what happened. But who did it. How they did it. When they did it. Why they did it.

          About 45 years ago my prominent/well-connected father (son of John Nicholas Hahn, the man who invented the corrugated shipping container/cardboard box, and owned the internationally respected Colonial Woolen Mills) introduced my 3 brothers and me to his many Jewish and Gentile mover and shaker friends. He wanted to help us get a leg up in business. He did.   We befriended and networked among high type people because of my high type Dad. Wonderful men like Carl Lampl of Lampl Womens Wear, Maury Saltzman of Bobbie Brooks Corporation, Joseph Breitenstein and Norm Glauber Senior would catapult our careers. One of my brothers would become president of Cotton Incorporated and receive the coveted Jewish B’nai B’rith award at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. Another brother would found a legitimate multi billion-dollar venture capital empire. Another would become a senior executive in a national holding company. I would interact with big budget clients of various international marketing/communications/research firms and ultimately found the Ohio Computer Ribbon and Supply Company.

          But, unfortunately, a small segment of the generation following my father’s was not “high type”. For reasons known only to them, the focus of the fake Jew “kids” was fleecing. Fast money. Scheming and scamming. Not hard work. Not inventing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing needed products and services. No. The “kids” would use their parent-provided Wharton and other finance educations to exploit the flow of money. To steal it. Not earn it. To destroy America’s hard working companies. During economic downturns the “kids” would be there to “help” with usury loans. And when companies went bankrupt, because they couldn’t repay the usury loans, the “kids” would be there again. To “purchase” the desperate owners’ companies for 2 cents on the dollar-value of tangible assets. To slowly fire employees. To steal false-profit tax credits…until the companies bled to death…all under the guise that they were “restructuring” America’s failed companies…to make them productive again. Sound familiar. It is. The “kids” are up to their old tricks today. But even more cleverly and aggressively than they were in the 1970s and 1980s. For since those years, when the “kids” pretended to be “turn around experts” and trashed America’s bankrupt manufacturers, they’ve moved on. To bigger prey. They’ve added finance, realty and banking firms to their ever-growing trophy case. And since the amount of money stolen is too much for America to simultaneously absorb and financially stay afloat, the “kid-crooks” can’t be prosecuted and imprisoned, lest their corrupt corporations go belly up and America goes likewise. This brand new/updated extortion is utterly brilliant. Even the “kids” loot has different names today than it did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Old school “tax credit thefts” are now called “bonuses, bail outs, stimulation packages, toxic asset purchases, pillars of a new foundation”. And other trumped up names. New labels to deceive purposely-poorly educated American taxpayers.   Are you beginning to get the drift?

          The fake Jew “kids” steal your hard earned taxes and usury loan dollars. Trillions and trillions. You get nothing but indebtedness. And your children? If they survive the fast approaching anarchy, they inherit your debts. Your joblessness. And the country that you allowed to be destroyed.

          Isn’t it time to wake up? To kick the bad “kids” out of the house that they wrecked? Now. Out of America. Now. So we can begin to fix America without crook interference. Now. So we can give our children a destroyed, albeit unencumbered nation. Now. A clean slate to run it. Now. Jobs to rebuild it. Now. And no basis for reviling us post humously for selling out their future. Now.

          While this oddly selfless course of action will be difficult for us physically, isn’t it uplifting mentally?

          Obviously, this is a rhetorical question. So let’s get going. Now. Let’s kick start our kids’ future. Now. By getting rid of the crooks. Now. By identifying the crooks. Now. By indicting them. Now. By prosecuting them. Now. By punishing them. Now. By writing off their thefts. Now. By doing the right thing. Now. By starting over. Now. Before America’s final seconds expire. Now.


·        Born, October 6, 1940.

·        Raised, Clifton Park, Lakewood, Ohio, U.S.A..

·        Formal Education, University of Notre Dame, Business Degree, 1962 (Major emphasis in administration, marketing, economics, finance, research.).

·        Full Lieutenant, United States Navy.

·        Siblings, 5 (2 sisters, 3 brothers).

·        Children, 3 (1 girl, 2 boys).

·        Father, George Joseph Hahn, President/owner, Colonial Woolen Mills Company, devoted mentor.

·        Mother, Jane O’Connell Hahn, beautiful inside and out, smart as a whip, wore only hats by Mr. John, was a devoted mentor.

·        Grandfather, John Nicholas Hahn, inventor of the corrugated shipping container (cardboard box).

·        Grandfather, Charles D. O’Connell, Sr., inventor of America’s first 5-cent cigar (The Little Oden).

·        Uncle, John Hurley, co-inventor of cataract eye surgery.

·        Uncle, Lauren F. Hammett, President, Pittsburgh Steamship Company.

·        Uncle, William Dugan, General Manager, The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

·        Uncle, Thomas O’Connell, playwright, television ghost writer (Loretta Young Show), screen writer (Face Behind the Mask), member of the Lambs Club N.Y.C..

·        Uncle, Charles D. O’Connell Jr., Dean of Students, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A..

·        Uncle, Patrick J. O’Connell, Catholic Right Reverand Monsignor, Chancellor of Cleveland Catholic Diocese, started 1st co-educational high school in the state of Ohio, was pastor of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A..

·        Brother in law, William A. Clements, Investigative Reporter, Chicago Daily News. (Clements worked with nationally syndicated columnist Mike Royko. Exposed the sexual and financial wrongdoings of Chicago Catholic Cardinal Cody long before the worldwide explosion of such scandals. In addition to unearthing several Chicago Catholic Mafia criminals, Clements is also credited with discovering the whereabouts of Nazi Death Camp Guard suspect John Demjanjuk in Seven Hills, Ohio, U.S.A..)

·        Rear admiral “Redfield” Mason, United States Navy, mentor who promoted Hahn to Full Lieutenant ahead of schedule and gave him several commendations for honorable service to America.