Fake Jews Killed America
Fake Jews Killed America
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Responsible people understand fully the root reason for America’s economic collapse
. But fearing grave repercussions - including unwarranted character assassinations, shunning and worse - they only talk about what happened. Not who did it.

          Responsible people know that clueless honest Jews and controlling fraudulent Jews are popping up in every nook and cranny connected with the crisis. In positions of power and influence throughout the United States. In big banks. Savings and loans. Insurance companies. Realty firms. Fake municipal development corporations. University faculties and administrations. Corrupted health care clinics. The new president's cabinet. Even his personal advisory staff. The Supreme Court. The U. S. Congress. The news media. Wall Street. Huge brokerage houses. Among the national economists. The mind-shaping entertainment industry. All branches of federal state and local governments. Major law firms. On and on and on.

          Responsible people know… that innocents and culprits are indistinguishably mixed together…that names like Greenspan, Stearns, Friedman, Enger, Feinstein, Sommers, Schumer, Pearlstein, Miller, Dyan, Breitenstein, Glauber, Kanner, Wolstein, Geithner, Bernanke, Mandel, Perle, Sydel, Stanford, Emanuel, Goldman, Sachs, Ruben, Axelrod, Feldstein, Schwartz, Ratner, Israel, Lenzer, Stein, Roth, Block, Weiss, Ross, Spitzer, Glickman, Greenberg, King, Krugman, Saltzman, Lampl, Lerner, Wolfowitz,

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Blumenthal, Weinraub, Hoffman, Gilbert, Goldberg, Bernstein, Lewis, Pandt, Madoff, Shapiro, Lehman, et al., are lumped together. Dominating the news about multi-trillion dollar thefts of future taxes. Brazen public thefts that are ludicrously camouflaged as "bailouts, bonuses, stimulations, TARPS, insolvency rescues, toxic asset purchases, surgical bankruptcies, pillars of a new foundation, restructurings, company turn-arounds, tax credits,” and more yet to be announced nonsense. That these enormous scams enrich only the fake Jews. Twofold. For money, stolen by the fake Jews, must be replenished with usury loans from the fake Jews. Bottom line. Gentiles get zero for their sweat except usury rate indebtedness and loss of their homes, businesses and other fixed-asset collaterals when the usury debts can not be repaid. But most unfortunately, the real Jews, protected from such financial disasters by Jewish laws and traditions - lose things that are far more devastating: 1. Their reputations in a hostile world that outnumbers them 1,000,000 to 1. 2. Their lives when the hostile world becomes too desperate and too emotional to be guided by reason. But the fake Jews? Well, they continue to steal everything with their smart scams and sacrifice absolutely nothing…effectively saying “to hell with the real Jews and Gentiles.”

          Responsible people also know that this brand new breed of megacrooks - the fake Jews, not the real Jews - relentlessly continues to financially extort our dying country...without being singled out, or indicted, or imprisoned, or executed, for their unprecedented felony crimes.

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          Their extortion is simple. Direct: "Whether we are crooks or not is not the point Mr. President. But the amount of money stolen is. In fact, it's already way too much for America’s grossly overtaxed and grossly swindled and grossly forgotten citizens to absorb. And that is precisely why you will do absolutely nothing to stop us. Why you will jump when we say jump. Why you will give us more. Trillions and trillions more. For, if you don’t, our companies will fail. Our nation’s leaders’ dirty little secrets will be revealed. The middle class, the only thing that holds this fragile nation together, will be out of work. And the rapidly escalating epidemic of hate crimes and murders occurring in our unstable population will escalate instantly into violent all out anarchy. Shootings and lootings on the streets, the likes of which this country has never before experienced or imagined. Our present situation is called a “tinderbox”, Mr. President. It’s not a threat Mr. President. It’s a fact. It’s true. You know it’s true. So heel! Pony up! Now! Be a good boy! Activate the only reason that you were “selected” to be president – your charisma – your irresistible/reassuring smile. So be seen and heard. Daily. Stay out of the White House. Sell. Sell. Sell. Mingle with your peers. The “Great Unwashed”. Promote our scams. Keep this rapidly deteriorating nation calm. Do your assigned work so that we can do ours. Do we make ourselves perfectly clear?”

          This is what the fake Jew puppet masters are essentially saying.

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          But, most disturbing – because of the tainted co-mingling of these crooks and the vast majority of honest Jews – all Jews will yet again take the hit for the horrific wrongdoings of a few fake Jews. Closet atheists who pretend to be Jewish because their ancestors happened to be Jewish. Bernie Madoff and Sam Israel III wannabes. Sociopaths who do not give a damn about their families. Or friends. Or associates. Or real Jews. Or anybody, including themselves. Misfits who do not care a whit about Judaism…except for its usefulness as an intimidation tool, a phony philanthropy for simultaneously laundering stolen money and affecting a distractive compassionate image, a safe haven from prison or worse, and a rationale for “terrorism profiteering”. (For winless terrorist-pretext conflicts outside the U.S. and terrorist-pretext homeland security inside the U.S. are not only more profitable ventures than old-school, conventional wars, but they are also non-nuclear and consequently less risky…at least for the moment.)

          Quick Questions:        Is the true purpose of National Homeland Security to safeguard Americans from “secret” international terrorists – who haven’t so much as ignited a 10 cent ladyfinger firecracker on U.S. soil since 2001 – kinda like the “secret” Russian cold war threat? Or, is this multi-trillion dollar satellite and ground surveillance system being implemented to generate usury loans and contractor kickbacks? To spy on Americans? To control Americans? To protect un-American leaders from American

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taxpayers when it’s discovered that the fake Jews, who ultimately financed it, have stolen money in amounts that exceed human comprehension? By selling out America? By ordering their bribed and/or blackmailed politician puppets to give them America’s financial future to the tune of trillions and trillions and trillions…during the Bush years and the first hundred days of the Obama administration?

          How did we get into this mess? How can we get out of it?

          To answer these questions we must go back in time. Be brutally frank. Please bear with this ostensible digression. It will clarify the evolution of our current economic catastrophe. It will make sense.

          While the fake Jews, the Catholic Vatican and various U.S. leaders of the 1930’s and 1940’s did not experience first hand the Holocaust, they most certainly caused it. Was it a conspiracy? No. Was it simply an assortment of opportunists, greedy individuals, corporations and Vatican clergymen profiting from a world war that they collectively initiated, regardless that countless millions of innocent Jews and others would be murdered? Yes. 

          Here are only some of the many proofs that this assessment is correct. 1. Adolph Hitler didn’t have any money. 2. Germany didn’t have any money. 3. Europe didn’t have any money. 4. The world was in a deep economic depression. 5. Hitler couldn’t have built the finest conventional Army, Navy and Air Force ever seen in this world, in a couple of years, without any money. 6. Hitler couldn’t have tracked down Germans or anyone else with

Page 12

Jewish bloodlines without the help of Vatican-provided marriage and baptismal registrations1 and America’s IBM Corporation2,3,4,5.   7. New York’s Catholic Cardinal Spellman couldn’t have been the Vatican’s chief courier for transferring investments among promising German war goods manufacturers…without U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s endorsement6. 8. But for the cancellation of $14,000,000,000 in World War I European debts to the United States taxpayers…the $12,000,000,000 in U.S. taxpayer loans to Axis and Allied war goods manufacturers…the $5,000,000,000 in U.S. taxpayer bonds that financed Axis and Allied war goods manufacturers…the extraordinary seminal usury loans of Guy Rothschild and other Jewish bankers…and the $85,000,000 grant extorted from Benito Mussolini (Vatican Lateran Treaty)…neither impoverished Europe nor the land-poor papacy would have had any quick-assets to finance/reactivate Europe’s World War I destroyed military corporations, including Hitler’s war goods makers 7,8,9,10.   (The Catholic pontiff’s portfolio even included investments in the German corporation Degesch, the maker of Zyklon B, the cyanide-based insecticide gas, infamous for its use in Nazi death camps.11 The president of Degesch was a nephew of the pope12. And since Hitler’s gas was special-order odorless13, Degesch’s top people and the pope would have known about its “special” death camp application.)

          Further, in order to solidify his secret control over Hitler, the Catholic Pontifex Maximus (official title for pagan Roman emperors who

Page 13

metamorphosed into pagan Roman popes) leveraged his dictator dominance over Christian Germany. Empowered by thousands of Catholic priests’ daily interactions with the German people, (baptisms, masses, the Vatican dictated German Catholic and German Public school systems, confessions, 1st Communions, Confirmations, Marriages, Counselings, Last Rites, Funerals, Burials, etc., etc.), as well as the 1917 Code of Catholic Clergy Cannon Law,14 and the 1910 Anti-Modernist Catholic Clergy Oath of Papal Allegiance15…Pope Pius XI simply manipulated/ordered his all powerful, swing-vote German Catholic Center Political Party to pass the Enabling Act on March 23, 193316, 17. (Catholic Monsignor Ludwig Kaas, an “inordinately intimate” companion of Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was not only the Chairman of the “all powerful swing vote” German Catholic Center Political Party, but he was also completely controlled by papal legal authority as well as his panderable and blackmailable personal issues18.)

          The utterly shocking Enabling Act flat out gave the pope and his papal puppet Adolph Hitler absolute dictator power over Nazi Germany. For shortly after its passage the German Catholic Center Political Party was dissolved on July 4, 1933, according to plan, and its members joined the Nazi-controlled National Socialist Workers Party19. These developments, in fact, eliminated Germany’s Parliamentary Democracy and all German political parties…except the Vatican-endorsed Nazis.

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          Subsequently, while the fake Jew and fake Catholic Vatican predators gorged their fiscal feast i.e., war goods profiteering (stocks, bonds, other investments) at the expense of their respective brethen and everyone else during World War II, only the Catholic pope ruled the planet earth. For, unlike the fake Jews, who were only temporarily tolerated to loan cash to the land-poor pope, the Vatican possessed the hearts and minds of countless millions of faithful (robotized) followers and over 2,000 years of accumulated lands, palaces, priceless artwork and other valuable fixed assets. (Most of this wealth was stolen from countless hundreds of millions of murdered real Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, etc., etc., etc., during a thousand-plus years of Crusades and Inquisitions and so many other extremely “lucrative” killing sprees in Roman Catholic papal history.) 

          Ironically, the fake Jews of the 1930’s and 1940s would profit immeasurably by financing the Vatican and its puppet Adolph Hitler. By sustaining the Vatican’s ageless tradition of killing Jews. Note: the estimated 250,000 wealthy Jews who paid the Vatican to protect them from the Nazis (because papal confidant Sister Pasqualina Lehnert alerted the image-oriented Pius XII about his “moral and moneymaking opportunity”), would hardly offset the 6,000,000 poor Jews who died because of the inveterately pragmatic Pius XII.20 But deceived real Jews, nor anyone else, will vocalize this verifiable comparison. Instead, they either stupidly or

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fearfully clamor for the canonization of Saint Eugenio Pacelli in spite of his reprehensible conduct during World War II.

          Check out the terms of the never-mentioned, completely Vatican-oriented Reich Concordat of July 20, 1933. The blackmail treaty wherein the Pope effectively promised to not use his power over Christian Germany to destroy Adolph Hitler in return for Hitler’s complete subservience to the Vatican. (Understandably, in order to save face, both Hitler and the Pope would claim victory for their respective “negotiating skills and Reich Concordat treaty results.”21)

          Check out the Vatican’s many other deadly anti-Semitic complicities with Hitler and his blood thirsty Nazis e.g., the Vatican endorsed 1933 Advent sermons of Munich’s Catholic Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber wherein he vocalized distinctions between pre-Christ and post-Christ Jews and subsequently denied his words as being misinterpreted.22 Or the scores of nationally distributed, severely anti-Semitic German Catholic publications…that encouraged taking extreme action against Jews before and during the Nazi Regime…that predisposed and sustained the unstable/voracious reader – Adolph Hitler.23 Or the March 1941 pastoral letter of German Catholic Archbishop Konrad Gröber that was replete with deadly anti-Semitic sentiments.24   Or the uncontested (effectively Vatican condoned) July 14, 1933 “Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring” which became the Nazi justification for killing Jews.25 Or the

Page 16

infamous date April 25, 1933 when thousands of Catholic priests all across Germany were Vatican-authorized to supply to the Nazis details of blood purity through marriage and baptismal registries…attestations that would be used to implement the Nuremberg Laws and the death camps.26    Or…Or…Or…the list of murderous Vatican-Nazi treacheries is simply too long and too disturbing to continue.

          So what does this undeniably unsavory stuff have to do with America today?


          Possessing first hand proof about the numerous hidden truths of World War II, including the darkest activities of its concealed masterminds, the fake Jews did not skip a beat when the war ended. They quickly exploited their incriminating secrets to the fullest… Quid pro quo.

          By blackmailing the U.S. to become their military ally. By adding to this forced, but profitable alliance, the Arab nations. By militarily muscling into existence the state of Israel in 1948 for multi-cultural war profiteering purposes. (Money has no powerful enemies, particularly among fellow Semitic Arabs and Jews.)

          The proof of this scenario?

          Think about it.

          Two conspicuous evidences quickly come to mind: 1. While Arabs and Jews exchange deadly bombs in their respective bazaars, the lives of top

Page 17

Arab leaders, including a king, are saved in the United States of America. At the predominately Jewish financed Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. 2. The very first plane flying out of the U.S., in violation of the federal no-fly order after 9/11, was loaded with the Osama Bin Laden family.

          It is because of these and so many other “red-flag” interactions among top U.S., Vatican, Arab and fake Jew officials…that many believe that the U.S.A. has become a fake Jew safe house…a militarily protected base for money making operations throughout the world. 

          Bottom line: 1948 was the beginning of the end of America. But the 1960’s would be the end. 

          For the 1960’s were the years when America was distracted by Vietnam. When young people distrusted old people. When cities burned. When fake Jews bribed and blackmailed black leaders primarily to control municipal, state and federal governments. When whites fled to the suburbs. When prejudice and discrimination went underground and worsened. When quotas replaced qualifications for all public participations in society. When import duty laws were repealed because foreign bribes exceeded domestic bribes. When unions gained the upper hand. When descendants of White Anglo Saxon Protestant industrialists (WASPS) recoiled from our collapsing country, and smartly reinvested their compromised family fortunes outside America. When fake Jews and their politician puppets assumed financial

Page 18

power over the United States of America…by default. Because all meaningful competitors wisely reinvested outside the U.S..

          Politicians in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of federal, state and local governments. Democrats and Republicans. Religion leaders. Attorneys. Investment brokers. Accountants. Doctors. Educators. Realtors. Charity operators. Military and law enforcement officers. Business agents. Marketing/communications specialists. Media mavens. Entertainment industry moguls…

          Virtually no one with “private issues” and positions of public trust would escape the fake Jews’ investigations, bribes, panderings, blackmails, manipulations and absolute control.

          And, due to the aforementioned realities, the balance of power would swiftly shift in favor of the fake Jews and their felony goal for America.

          Their felony goal for America? Control it financially. Be its #1 creditor. 

          The fake Jew strategies for achieving this fake Jew goal? 1. Convince Americans to scrap their ancestors’ save, wait, pay cash fiscal philosophy and replace it with an instant gratification mindset based upon usury rate loans, penalties, fees and/or repossessions. 2. Convince Americans to believe that their wants are needs, in order to activate the usury rate loans.   3. Eliminate attacks against the fake Jews.   By eliminating attacks against all Jews. By sustaining the bogus concept that all Jews – fake and real – are permanent victims of the Holocaust. By building World War II Holocaust

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museums throughout the United States and the world. By triggering “old guilts” with “new gut wrenching stories” about the 60-plus year old Holocaust. By including direct and indirect references to “Jews, Nazis, Hitler and/or the Holocaust” in news and comedic/dramatic entertainment communications with every American, every day, every week, every month, every year, ad nauseum. By holding a Jewish Holocaust memorial service in the rotunda of the United States Capital – with President Obama officiating…in flagrant violation of separation of Church and State laws…in April 2009. By influencing the United States Senate in May 2009 to pass a resolution celebrating the 61st Anniversary of the American/Jewish military establishment of Israel in 1948…in flagrant violation of separation of Church and State laws. By effectively segregating Jewish victims of the Holocaust from the 30,000,000 others who were murdered by the Nazis during World War II. By positioning all Jews – fakes and real – as the only inseparable religion/race/culture amalgamation on earth. In fact the only inseparable religion/race/culture amalgamation on earth that is immune to any criticism whatsoever. For such attacks, justified or not, are not only deemed to be anti-Semitic, but they are now considered to be socially unacceptable and downright un-American. When will we wake up? When will we rid America of the fake Jews who cause our economic misery? When will we embrace the real Jews? The 99% of all Jews who love their god, and families, and the U.S.A.. The 99% of all Jews who have suffered beyond human

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comprehension for about 2000 years ie., ever since A.D. 26?-36?… when the first known fake Jew – the Sanhedrin high priest Caiaphas – plotted with the enemy Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate…to conduct a kangaroo court trial in Pilate’s tiny backyard…to use this “invitation – only” phony legal proceeding to justify the murder of the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ…to effectively blame this slimy deed on all Jews for all time when in fact “all Jews” didn’t even know that their Messiah was on trial for anything, let alone a capital crime.

          Here is only a tiny fraction of the countless fake Jew scams for achieving the aforementioned fake Jew strategies: 1. The camouflaged, perpetual usury-rate loan. It was originally called a convenience card in order to trick consumers and allow “cooperating” federal lending regulators to save face as they knowingly did absolutely nothing to stop the scam. This felony crime is now called “the credit card”. 2. The variable rate loan. Another felony scheme to lure consumers into usury rate debt by giving them a low interest rate initially with full awareness that the rate will jump beyond their ability to pay. 3. The reverse mortgage, another misrepresentation, designed to steal frightened, geriatric Americans’ houses by giving them a pittance and “permission” to die in their home in return for the deed to their home. Again, a nifty/profitable felony crime aimed at aging Americans who are financially desperate, in many cases because of previous felony lending practices that rendered them incapable

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of paying their usury rate loans. Loans that would balloon $100,000 dollar properties into $300,000 dollar – plus usury debts. 4. The corrupted 501c3 charities, the universities, the health care clinics, the money laundries that name their buildings after crooks ie., the felons who extort the fraudulent charities by giving them stolen millions with the demand that cooperating “charity-contractors” return most of the phony donations. (The remaining money, after the “kickbacks” are deducted, is combined with small donors’ legitimate gifts to build cheap buildings.) 5. The “churning” of Americans’ investments. It’s a smart swindle (in swindler circles). Brokers simply execute numerous buys and sells (“churn” accounts) in order to enrich themselves with transaction-commissions…without any regard to what’s best for their clients. (Since this was the main “business” conducted in New York’s Twin Towers, many people believe that the 9/11 tragedy was an uninformed Arab message sent to the fake Jews. Not the U.S.). 6. The fake Jew national economists who knowingly endorse their friends’ crimes. Who abuse their positions of public trust by lying to the nation. By telling Americans that the aforementioned felonies are good for America. That getting usury loans to buy wants camouflaged as needs, will create demand for more products and services. That more jobs will ensue to meet the ever-growing demand. That more jobs will generate more “disposable” incomes and purchases and demand and jobs…that these economic dynamics will sustain and grow our land of milk and honey. Forever. But, what the fake

Page 22

Jew economists didn’t say and won’t say. Is the truth. And that makes them felons of the highest order. For they know that our economic euphoria is bedrock based on usury rate debt. That, because of this “programmed” epidemic of debt thinking, our federal, state and local governments are bankrupt. That our banks are bankrupt. That our phony manufacturers (foreign parts assemblers) are bankrupt. That our consumers are bankrupt. That our pawn-politicians are simply following orders. Both Republicans and Democrats. Giving the crooks who control them trillions in dying dollars. Buying the crooks who control them time. A few years, maybe, to reinvest their loot/our rapidly inflating money ouside America. Before it becomes worthless. Before we embrace inevitable violent anarchy on a par with the Civil War…


          It’s a lot to digest. And it’s only a tiny, tiny fraction of the total truth.

          That is precisely why this space will be devoted to a series of articles. Fact – footnoted installments designed to prove that what you have just read and much, much more is absolutely true. Not the product of a conspiracy. Not the result of American consumer greed. Rather it’s the result of decidedly un-American leadership greed. Nothing else.

          The next writing will be the forward and prologue to a book on the subject. It’s entitled Anti-Christ (The History of the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church).   For, since the Romanized Vatican has played the leading

Page 23

role in shaping the militant/pecuniary character of the world, for two thousand years, particularly its repeatedly brutalized Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians…it seems to make sense to begin at the beginning. To let historical facts reacquaint us with why we are the way we are today. Why the fake Jews evolved so damaged to where they are today. Why the real Jews are so unfairly persecuted. Why the Muslims mistakenly hate all Christians instead of the root reason for the world’s woes ie., the Romanized Catholic Vatican…

          I cannot thank God enough. For giving you the opportunity to share this unprecedented, cathartic journey. For restraining me. The author. William Harrington Hahn. From seething. From losing it. From using the vulgar adjectives and nouns, that I so desperately want to use…to describe the despicably smug Roman Catholic Vatican…to characterize its uninterrupted 2,000 – plus years of contemptible crimes against innocent, real Jews in particular. And all mankind in general.

Until we meet again, may God inspire us… to do that which He will not do direct…to “help one another”…to reverse our misinterpretation of the wisest law of our founding fathers…to “separate Church and State”. Not God and State… to do precisely what it says on our money…”In God we trust”. Not in Church we Trust. For how can we reasonably expect to survive and disavow God as we have been doing for the past 50 years.

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P.S. The philosophical and practical solutions:

Repair the Broken States of America. By punishing the crooks who caused the economic collapse. By not giving them trillions in extortion payments. By allowing the crook-run companies to fail now, instead of expensively delaying their demise. For, economic hardship of the magnitude and scope that we are on the verge of experiencing will bring us together. Unite us. Real Jews and real Hindus and real Muslims and real Christians and real everyone, regardless of race, culture or creed – working together. But only if we see hope. Only if we observe sincere efforts to replace the crooks with properly vetted new leaders. Only if our new leaders have our best interests in their hearts and minds, ie.,

          Equality for women. Sharing the wealth. Sharing the responsibility. Toleration. No war. Repairing the infrastructure. Fixing the schools. Advancing citizen-controlled healthcare.  Developing new energy resources. Scrapping our instant gratification/debt thinking. Resurrecting our forefathers’ save, wait, pay cash mindset. Regarding the environment, be givers, not takers. Drop the mantra “man against nature.” Do not simplify the web of life, for its complexity is necessary for its survival. Ask the question…if the web of life is more important than any of its species, does man deserve to survive? Inform our allies that henceforth we will help them. But, with repayable, reasonable-interest loans. Not grants. That’s it. 

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Nothing else, until we get back on our feet. Not to be the greatest nation on earth. But, to be equal to each and every nation on earth.